David Banner -- Jackson, Mississippi native -- is a Grammy Award winning music producer, recording artist, philanthropist, activist and actor who has appeared in films such as Lee Daniel’s The Butler and in Tim Story’s movie Ride Along. David is also the host of Aspire TV’s current ABFF Independent Film Series.

Banner also is founder of A Banner Vision, a multimedia company that specializes in providing emotionally engaging music for iconic commercials, video games and films for brands like Pepsi, Gatorade, Paramount Pictures (Footloose film), Marvel, Capcom, Mercedes Benz and more!

Such mega success did not come without challenges. At one point along the way, Banner was living in his rundown van with a studio inside...until one day a group of teenagers stole the van – taking everything away from him. Banner kept pushing toward his dream in spite of the setback. Three months later, on another trip to Birmingham to sell his material, he caught the attention of a Universal label executive and was signed to a multimillion dollar five-album deal.

He has also been a prominent and passionate voice in the face of social injustice appearing on various networks including CNN and BET, as well as countless Universities, blogs, magazines, and documentaries for his igniting delivery and thought-provoking perspective on the triumphs and obstacles of the past, present, and future. In 2015, David Banner will be releasing one of the greatest musical bodies of work of all time, with his album, ‘The God Box’.